B lue Morpho Jewelry is designed and produced by Genevieve Hudson-Price in Brooklyn, NY. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. The line was inspired by the use of real Blue Morpho butterfly wings and beetles in Victorian jewelry.

No butterflies, dragonflies, or beetles were killed in the making of these pieces, nor were any spiders kicked out of their webs. The butterflies come from butterfly farmers—not hunters—who have created a natural habitat where they breed the butterflies before planting the eggs back in the forest in order to help bolster the dwindling population. They sell the butterflies only after they die of natural causes, and use the profits to maintain the habitat. As for the webs, they are dormant when we find them.

For custom order requests, email info@bluemorphojewelry.com 

A portion of all proceeds goes to the Monarch Butterfly Fund, an organization that works to foster the conservation of the rapidly disappearing species.